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Lyles Movie Files

Dec 11, 2019

The first part of Crisis on Infinite Earths is in the books and we're breaking down our thoughts and reactions.

Do we think the TV version has done a good enough job capturing the flavor of the comic series?

It was Reign of the Supermen with three past and present Men of Steel showing up. And what is Lex Luthor really doing with that cheat code?

Should Supergirl and Batwoman be a regular thing and why do we feel their interaction hasn't been as strong as one scene between The Flash and Black Lightning.

A few major characters sacrificed themselves including that shocker in Part 1. Here's our take on how that will play out going forward in Crisis and possibly beyond.

Tune in for a Crisis-filled show and hear our predictions for what's coming next and what we want to see in the final two installments.