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Lyles Movie Files

Sep 10, 2020

We break down the somewhat surprising news of The Walking Dead ending with Season 11 and a spin-off starring Carol and Daryl. We question if yet another TWD spin-off is necessary at this point especially with two essentially bulletproof characters. 

Tenet made its box office debut and nabbed $20 million, but was that a success or a failure for such a heavily touted movie? And what does this mean for other blockbusters still planning to come out this year? We also discuss Mulan's success as a premium release on Disney+ and if that moves Black Widow up further. 

With big changes coming for the Academy Awards, we debate how this will make actual changes to the Oscar bait films coming out over the next few years. If nothing else, this will force Hollywood to actually be inclusive instead of just talking about the need for it during award shows with pitiful representation.