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Lyles Movie Files

Oct 2, 2020

We're Marvel Studios and Star Wars heavy on this episode. First up, we talk about the rumored Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury series, rumors with WandaVision, recasting one of the Agents of SHIELD characters for the Hawkeye series and the potential of a Young Avengers film.

On the Star Wars front, Empire Strikes Back burning up the box office charts once again, Why is Alden Ehrenreich claiming the Star Wars franchise is no longer a huge part of his life anymore? Jayce breaks down his excitement over the possibilities of Disney considering doing multiple Star Wars projects involving Darth Bane. 

And then I discuss the latest news with Jamie Foxx potentially returning to his role of Electro, but this time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's another fun show so don't forget to rate, review and subscribe.