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Lyles Movie Files

Apr 11, 2019

Is there another franchise that can match Marvel Studios in terms of providing the ultimate, most satisfying viewing experience? We go through some potential challengers to see if anyone can come close from James Bond, Harry Potter, Star Wars and more. Tune in to see if we can agree if anyone rivals or surpasses the MCU.

Also, everyone's caught up and we break down Season 9 of The Walking Dead, which was easily one of the strongest in the series. Did it make Jovon think twice about hating it so often over the year? Will Gunner return to the fold and give it another chance too?

And we're thrilled to discuss Emily Bett Rickards' decision to leave Arrow at the end of this season.

Chief goes in on DC's Film Universe and goes off on a big, must-listen rant.

Check out all the fun in another fun episode.