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Lyles Movie Files

Oct 23, 2018

We're on to Episode 53 and we're talking about The Walking Dead.

Specifically if Jovon is dead wrong in his insistence that The Walking Dead showrunners would be stupid for killing off Rick Grimes before the season finale.

Shocker, women actually like sci-fi! Why is it taking so long for executives to take more chances like the female Dr. Who?

Kiera Knightely and Kristen Bell have issues with old school fairy tale films for their lack of positive messages of female empowerment. But do we really need to bring in modern values for cartoons that didn't have a MeToo voice in the room?

And while we're at it, did Kobe Bryant need to be dropped off a LA animation film festival due to outrage? Apparently you're guilty even after your court case is thrown out.

It's all here this episode and more. Pull up your headphones or go loud with the speaker and tune in!