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Lyles Movie Files

Oct 31, 2018

For Ep. 54, we're talking about how we would fix certain franchises that have fallen from grace. How would we fix DC Extended Universe, Transformers, X-Men and The Terminator series? Find out.

Also, we rave over Daredevil Season 3 while collectively scratching our heads over Netflix's decision to cancel Luke Cage and...

Oct 23, 2018

We're on to Episode 53 and we're talking about The Walking Dead.

Specifically if Jovon is dead wrong in his insistence that The Walking Dead showrunners would be stupid for killing off Rick Grimes before the season finale.

Shocker, women actually like sci-fi! Why is it taking so long for executives to take more chances...

Oct 11, 2018

For Episode 52, the Lyles Movie Files podcast crew gets in on the Gambit change-up from a heist film to a romantic comedy with action elements.

We're also sharing our top picks for films we're most excited for with our Fall Movie Preview.

Did the latest Dark Phoenix trailer turn our opinion on the film or are we still...